These objects embody a sense of calm through their simplicity, and whose form provides a thoughtful purpose – a clear function in the home.

12 week lead time

The Sub Bench is an exploration of an off the shelf piece of rectangular mild steel tube, concentrating on its fundamental qualities – strength, weight and uniformity.
The process of creating the bench involved alternating between the faces, one provides strength while the other adds surface area.
Each Sub Bench is plated for protection from the environment, it is then powder-coated in a colour of your choice, giving the bench a hard-wearing surface.

H: 400 mm W: 1500 mm D: 350 mm
Available for order only
12 week lead time


Black Ace, Brunswick Green, Clay Pot, Cream, Dark Grey, Deep Ocean, Dusty Pink, Flame Red, French Blue, Horizon Blue, Lilac, Manor Red, Sunshine Yellow, Violet, White

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