Saint Phillip – Roasted Capsicum & Chilli


Heavily inspired by religious iconography and tarot cards we wanted each bottle and its contents to be considered as a work of art, a gift from our hearts to your mouth.
The peppers we use are hand picked and the Kawakawa leaves are from our own garden. We refuse to use any artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or thickeners, instead relying on fresh ingredients to create our vibrant range of sauces.

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This slow roasted blend of capsicum, cayenne chillies and smoked jalapenos create a rich, vibrant sauce with a smoky depth of flavour in our take on a classic red hot sauce.
Phillip is our perfect all-rounder for eggs, fries, burgers, salads, nachos – you name it.
red wine vinegar, capsicum (24.9%), chilli (12%), onion, smoked paprika, garlic powder, salt, cumin, pepper.

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