FUTAGAMI Chopstick Rest Twinkle – Set of 4


“Futagami,” a brass foundry founded in the city of Takaoka, Toyama Pref., Japan in 1897 launched a brass livingware brand named “FUTAGAMI.” Brass has long been used in various fields such as metal fittings for architecture, ships, and furniture as it has corrosion resistance property and moderate workability. It has a long history as a material for arts and crafts or Buddhist altar equipment as its texture is gentle with an elegant luster.

Brass products gradually change their color over the course of many years due to oxidization. The longer they are used, the richer and subtler they become, dissolving into the human heart and the environment. Enjoy this loving, brass livingware for many years to come.

Brass chopstick rests which may be arranged nicely in a wooden case as an art piece.
Chopstick Rests MATATAKI (Twinkle) in a wooden case
Light-themed, brass chopstick rests with a crude casting surface. They may be arranged nicely in the wooden case for small pieces of chopstick rests often get separated in storage. How about displaying the lovely pieces at your favorite spot!

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