The new beer glass is finally here from Denver and Liely with proud research partners Carwyn Cellars. Beer has come of age and we’ve created the glass to meet it.
Overall a knockout on the olfactory and gustatory scoreboards during our research phase. The stem is also a first for us and was simply the best way for us to isolate temperature eloquently. Everything in this glass is lead by function and performance as we make tools. They do a job well and if you find beauty in that, then lets have a beer.

After 18 months of development, this is what we would consider the world’s best beer glass.
The smell profile has been highly refined through computer modelling lead by professional testing and long term tuning.
The experience is something to behold. It starts with a lip that spins the liquid to re-carbonate upon entry and provides a silkier, richer experience.
Brighter, bolder more accurate. It simply #makesbeerbetter.

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